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Convert 3gp files to mp4, avi or mp3


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If you usually record videos using your mobile phone but you want to store them in your PC. We recommend you to use an standard format for PCs, for example AVI.

Free 3GP Video Converter is the free application that allows you to convert any 3gp video file in mp3, avi or mp4. By that way you'll be able to share your videos with your friends and they'll have no compatibility problems.

Yes, we have told you that you can convert 3gp to mp3, because this application can extract the audio from a 3gp video and create an audio file formatted as mp3.

Choose the vieo file and choose an output folder. Set some parameters for the conversion and wait for a pair of minutes (depending on the length of the video file). Free 3g Video Converter will convert your video and will store the converted file in the folder you desired.